AR & VR App

Development Services

Augmented and Mixed Reality Applications

Our Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality developers work on markers, location data to merge content into the app with no extra devices, and also combines VR and AR features, allowing to place virtual objects in the real environment and manipulate with them, mixed reality apps require using dedicated devices as well

  • Image recognition (marker/marker less) based Augmented Reality apps
  • Model target recognition based Augmented Reality apps
  • Embodiment-Presence-Interactivity, or EPI Cube
  • Behavioral Interactivity
  • Technological Embodiment
  • Perceptual Presence

Virtual Reality Solutions

Using Virtual reality we totally replace the real environment with a virtual yet interactive world. Despite the unique experience it creates, VR business solutions require full user attention and can’t be utilized without specialized headsets such as Smart Glasses

  • 3D modeling and visualization
  • Multi-platform VR apps and games
  • Build VR 360 degree visual experiences
  • User Interactive apps for training and learning

For your very specific industry,
we have highly-tailored IT solutions.

Supervised Processes
Our project and delivery managers make sure proper delivery of your solutions. Project managers plan the job against your target date, compile tasks based on the team's size, and assure the quality of your deliverables. Our delivery managers make sure the process is both reliable and valuable.
Transparent Communication
We guarantee absolute transparency in terms of the development and improvement of your project. You’ll be able to record project activities, get access to precise documentation, and access project management software tools at all times. We can also provide any information you need from overall status updates for top management.
Skilled Team
We are an innovative team with years of experience in programming as well as business and systems analysis. Over our project management, leadership, and soft skills, you'll get what you requisite, how you requisite it. Our project managers regularly focus on improving and promoting the development process, delivering your projects on the target date.
Full-Stack Team
We apply decades of extensive experience in full-stack development to program drivers, design hardware and firmware, design embedded systems, and deliver apps for web, desktop, and mobile.
Expert Engineers
We are here to serve you to match the right technology to your project. Our team will run an extensive analysis of your project requirements and advice you to choose the right tech stack application.
Security as a Top Priority
We mainly focus on security, we compute and choose suitable technologies and turn to software development best methods to secure your sensitive data and make sure your resulting solution is hack-proof.

We run all kinds of IT services that vow your success